Although most of the MHAS data is unrestricted and available through this website to any registered user, other MHAS datasets are restricted, and are available only under specific contractual conditions. The restricted datasets are created by the MHAS team to answer specific research questions. The team considers the feasibility of the linkage, the importance of the research questions that can be answered, and the willingness to have the linked files available to all users. The MHAS has created the following linked files:

  • Community-level characteristics
  • Mortality data
  • Seguro Popular enrollment
  • Historical data on air pollution
  • Literacy rates
  • Social programs enrollment, including Progresa/Oportunidades
  • 70+ Pension, and Seguro Popular
  • Genetic Data

For more information on the available files and the process to access the restricted data please download the “MHAS Restricted-Use Files” descriptive document available here

To download the forms needed to request access to the restricted data please click here.