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A collection of posts and questions on a variety of topics.

Data Files Management

Variable Labels and Values
  • Differences between 2012 master file and 2001 demographic data.
  • MHAS 2001 - Minor error in D7c label missing citizenship information in 2003.
  • New Wave 2 Codebook - Section AA /Nuevo Libro de Códigos de la Ronda 2 – Sección AA
  • Number of children alive 2003.
  • repeat observations in household resident file
  • variable on current state of residence
  • Variables de identificación de entidad federativa y municipio
Updates to Data Files/Actualizaciones a los Archivos de Datos
  • Data for new 2012 respondents.
  • MHAS 2003 Section D Imputed data file/Archivo de datos del ENASEM 2003 de la Sección D imputada.
  • Update to the 2015 Data File at the Individual Level: Sections A, AA, C, D, E, PC, F, H, I.
  • Updates to the 2012 household level data files/Actualizaciones a los archivos de datos a nivel hogar del 2012.
  • Updates to the 2012 Master Follow-up File/Actualizaciones al Archivo Maestro de Seguimiento del 2012.
  • Updates to the 2012 Sections A, AA, C, D, E, PC, F, H, I and Major Events/Actualizaciones a las Secciones A, AA, C, D, E, PC, F, H, I y Eventos Mayores.
Merging Files Across Waves
  • Merging 2001 and 2003 Data Files.
  • Merging education from three waves.
  • Merging household and individual data.
Tutorials and Workshops
  • Merging Data Files Across the Wave 2001 to 2018/Pegado ”Merge” de Bases de Datos a Través de las Rondas 2001 to 2018.
  • MHAS 2001, 2003, 2012 & 2015 - Merging Files Across Waves.

Constructed Variables

Variables – Constructed/Construidas
  • 2012 Depressive Symptoms.
  • ADLs.
  • Alcohol and tobacco.
  • BMI Calculation.
  • Date of Interview Variable.
  • Has anyone created a total income variable for the first wave?
  • How to find relationship to respondent in 2003 Section B?
  • IADLs
  • Lost to follow-up 2012.
  • Mobility.
  • Mortality.
  • Years of Education Variable.
  • Ingreso por pensiones del informante.

Questions by Topics of Research

  • The MHAS: Cognitive Functioning Measures / ENASEM: Medidas de Función Cognitiva
Demographics & Socioeconomic Status (SES)
  • Age differences for follow-up subjects.
  • Education variable construction (CONSTRUCTION).
  • Locality size for Urban/rural.
  • Regions and sample.
  • Chronic Diseases.
  • Cognition.
  • Depression.
  • Functionality.
  • Obesity/Anthropometrics.

Study Design/Fieldwork

Study Design
  • How to Cite the MHAS/Cómo Citar al ENASEM (MOVED FROM PROJECT NEWS).
  • Re-use of data consent.
  • Compliance with ethical standards (Information for Researchers and Journals).
Fieldwork Protocols
  • Fieldwork Procedures for Biomarkers /Procedimientos del Trabajo de Campo para Biomarcadores Causa de Muerte.
  • Non-Spanish Language Interviews.
  • Technique used to measure blood pressure in MHAS 2012 wave.